Drink of the week: Town Talk Diner's Hair of the Lion


Hair of the Lion $8

Town Talk Diner
2707 1/2 E. Lake St., Mpls.

Creating new spins on classic cocktails is what all the kids are talking about these days. And while The Lion's Tail is not a very well known cocktail, it is a vintage classic dating back to 1927 that takes the earthy, peaty flavors of bourbon and mixes 'em with the pepper, berry, and cloves scents of allspice.

Here in the modern days, uber-skilled and personable mix-master Adam of TTD dreamt up his take on The Lion's Tail during a morning shower; As he lathered with Irish Springs he thought, "how about mixing rum, lime sour, allspice liqueur and bitters and give it all a vigorous shake?" And thus the Hair of the Lion was born.

These are perfect ingredients for fall-- the spice, the caramel of the rum, the handcrafted bitters, and a little luv gives this lion its loud boozy roar.