Drink of the week: The Weekender Bloody Mary

The Weekender Bloody Mary

Ike's Food and Cocktails
50 S. 6th St., Minneapolis

We all know that the weekends are made for drinking bloody marys. There is nothing that can put the pep back in your step quite like a well made one--fiery, without being spicy just for the sake of being spicy. In my book, the garnishes are really where it's at. The more salty delights the better. That's why I like Ike's, where the bloody marys are true blue spectacles.

Ike's is a cool place and one that does not get it's proper dues outside of the Downtown work crowd. Retro or more accurately just-plain-old, Ike's is swinging without being self- conscious. This bar feels cozy and familiar. And, The Weekend Bloody Mary has a lot of stuff in it. I mean a lot! Here's the rundown:

1. shrimp
2. cube-o-cheese
3. pickled green bean
4. celery
5. peperoncini
6. black olive
7. green olive
8. lime
9. beef stick


You get all these things in one bloody mary. All of them. The Weekender Bloody Mary is only available on Saturday and Sundays from 10-2 during Ike's big-ass brunch. So, get your drinking hats on early peeps. One of these and an afternoon nap and you will be ready forĀ  just about anything.