Drink of the Week: The Strip Club's Cobra Kai


Kobra Kai


The Strip Club

378 Maria St., St. Paul


First of all, how can you not love a drink named after the dojo in The Karate Kid?


Second of all, this drink--much like The Karate Kid--kicks ass. Made with Kilo Kai Rum, house-made habanero bitters, egg whites, and sour mix, the blend of spicy and sweet/tart is wickedly smooth and totally tasty.

If you haven't been to The Strip Club in a while, head over to Dayton's Bluff. The St. Paul skyline in the spring is a beaut and those slick boys at TSC have new food and drink menus that make canny use of all the season's fresh produce--and this is only the start--more ingenious seasonal creations to come.