Drink of the Week: The Silly Rabbit


The Silly Rabbit Town Talk Diner Vanilla ice cream; Trix; three Marie Brizard liqueurs: Raspberry, Blackberry, and Parfait Amour; topped with whipped cream $11

Town Talk Diner's Silly Rabbit gets its name from the saccharine, Trix-sprinkled richness you can only find where anisette commingles with vanilla ice cream in a 16-ounce goblet topped with whipped cream. Think of the remaining milk from a bowl of Trix, only frozen. And with booze.

Three Marie Brizard liqueurs—Blackberry, Raspberry, and the roasted orangey Parfait Amour—comprise this "drink" (it goes down more like a hearty dessert). Despite the cost ($11), the Silly Rabbit is well worth the price of admission. We're talking a pint of ice cream, so good luck putting down more than one without succumbing to brainfreeze or bloatation.

Call us lushes, but if there's one complaint to levy against the Silly Rabbit, it's the relatively low alcohol content— less than three ounces of liqueur ranging between 40 and 60 proof equals about a shot's worth of booze. Even so, you'll want to keep these Trix away from kids.