Drink of the week: The Prestige at Lurcat


The Prestige

Bar Lurcat
1624 Harmon Place, Minneapolis

Imagination is what sets a drink menu apart. When you combine imagination and elegance, both of which Bar Lurcat is rich with, getting a drink at a bar is like experiencing a world beyond your own.

The Prestige is aptly named ast the Lurcat ladies are the fancy sort with expensive purses, and  the men are well-groomed.  It would not seem strange if Victoria Beckham sat down next to you. I was worried that I would trip and/or spill something.

Like the all-white surrondings in which it is served, The Prestige is minimal and clean: Stoli orange vodka,  fresh lime juice and honey simple syrup, garnished with a mint leaf. The bartender recommended this drink, which he said he was proud to have created--one of several new additions to the drink menu. The drink certainly lived up to my expectations--citrusy and light, but the honey simple syrup gave it weight and interest.

I look forward to trying future inspired creations from Bar Lurcat and hope that no one notices that my Kate Spade purse is a fake.