Drink of the week: The Ivan Putski


The Ivan Putski $9.50

Cafe Maude 5411 Penn Ave. S. Minneapolis 612.822.5411

Cafe Maude is a South Minneapolis gem. Chic, without being uppity, the restaurant's inventiveness shows in its well-crafted cocktail menu, courtesy of Johnny Michaels, of La Belle Vie fame. As the perfect accompaniment to a dinner of creative small plates, Cafe Maude's drink selection puts a new spin on contemporary favorites while ingeniously updating the classics.

I am crazy about their dirty martini—The Ivan Putski-- made with ice cold Polish potato vodka, garnished with olives, pickled onions and a crank of black pepper. The tang of the onions, the nuttiness of the pepper and the crisp taste of the potato vodka work together in sweet harmony. But, remember my motto: martinis are like donuts—one is not enough, but three is too many. Happy drinking!