Drink of the week: St Paul Brasa's homemade sodas


Homemade soda (flavors vary) $1.75

Brasa Minneapolis 600 E. Hennepin Ave. 612.379.3030

Brasa St. Paul 777 Grand Avenue 651-224-1302 website

Back in ye days of olden, sugar cane was used to sweeten soda. Later, in order to cut manufacturing costs, high fructose corn syrup took over the role as soda sweetener. The only problem is that high fructose corn syrup is not very healthy. The trend of returning to natural sweeteners is a welcome change.

Brasa brews their own sodas with natural cane sugar in 5 gallon kegs and offers a rotating selection. Brasa St. Paul's current batch is sparkling fresh pineapple ginger ale. The ingenious combination of guava and lime is also a reoccurring selection. The staff at Brasa are excited to try out new flavors so stop back often. St. Paul and Minneapolis Brasa's also feature Mexican Coca-Cola which is typically sugar cane based (although not always), a variety of sugar cane based Jarritos sodas, and the restaurants plans to offer sugar cane based Dr. Pepper in the near future. Not only is Brasa creating innovative and delicious drinks, they are also looking at ways of keeping us a little more healthy.