Drink of the week: Sauce Spirits and Soundbar's Blue Nun


Blue Nun

Sauce Spirits and Soundbar 3001-3005 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls. 612.822.6000 website

First of all, you have to love a place that names its drinks after Beastie Boys songs. Second of all, you have to love a place that takes it name for the owner's grandma's pasta sauce (yeah, you had me at grandma.)

Sauce Spirit and Soundbar is a great fit in the Lyn/Lake hood, a venue for local music where you can get pizza before or after the show. With a CD vending machine, y'all. SCORE.

Sauce also has a yummy drink menu, my favorite cocktail being the Blue Nun. Sure it's a little girlie, what with vodka, blue curacao, 7up and-- the special touch-- dry sour mix on the top. But being I believe in equality, I think girlie-drinks are not just for girls. Fruity, strong and yes--blue--the Blue Nun rocks the house.

So here's to rocking out and drinking that would make any grandma proud. Cheers!