Drink of the Week: Russian Grok

Russian Grok Moscow on the Hill 371 Selby Ave., Saint Paul 651-291-1236

As the chilly winds start blowing and our cheeks get that sweet rosy flush, we all need to find a little solace. Sometimes all it takes is a nice heated drinky-drink to sooth those cold weather blues.

Moscow on the Hill's Russian Grok is gentle enough to defrost your little toes and strong enough to melt the ice off your fender. The warm, earthy drink starts with a smooth blend of red wine (which gives it a lovely ruby-red hue). Black tea is added for depth, as well as spice rum which adds hints of vanilla, cinnamon and clove. The result is a heavenly fragrant blend reminiscent of an après ski treat.

Served warm with a velvety froth on top, a Russian Grok is an ideal accompaniment for a something pickled or sour-cream slathered from Moscow's authentic menu. So, if you need a little comfort once it gets frigid outside, park yourself on a barstool and kick back Siberian style with a Russian Grok. Once you have one of these sultry delights, you won’t be feeling the chill for long.

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