Drink of the Week: Rubber Ducky


Rubber Ducky Cafe Maude Sparkling blue raspberry lemonade and a yellow Peep $3.50

We salute the artisan cocktail movement for merging the liquor cabinet with the kitchen--using fresh-squeezed juices, herb-infused liquors, and artsy garnishes to mix up creative concoctions. But compared to their crapulous cousins, non-alcoholic drinks have lagged. That's why we're especially impressed with the list at Cafe Maude, where all sorts of refreshing teas and fruity spritzers keep us sipping just as elegantly, sans the after effects.

Since the Bad Kid--a bottle of non-alcoholic beer and a candy cigarette--came off the menu, we've been celebrating summer with the Rubber Ducky: neon blue raspberry lemonade with a yellow Peep floating on top. The drink is bright as squint-inducing sunshine. Its tartness as shocking as an ice cube down the shirt. And it has just enough fizzy sizzle to make it as invigorating as plopping your self into a swimming pool.