Drink of the week: Rogue John-John Dead Guy Ale at The Bulldog Northeast


Rogue John-John Dead Guy Ale $4.00

Our friends at the Bulldog NE and really into beer. And it is this zealous love that makes them seek out the newest and coolest in innovative beers from all over this crazy world.

One of their latest offerings is John-John Dead Guy Ale from Oregon's Rogue Ale. This is how Rouge rolls: they start with Dead Guy Whiskey barrels and age Dead Guy Ale in 'em. I know, totally mental. The John-John comes from the names of Rouge's beer master, John Maier, and Rogue spirit master, John Couchot, who plan on giving several Rogue favorites the John-John treatment.

And how does beer aged in a whiskey barrel taste? Listen closely, children: since Dead Guy Ale is brewed in the German Maibock-style--a lighter version of traditional bock--the beer flavor does not overpower the whiskey notes, they just go together like beans and rice. The whiskey is definitely present with its warm smoke, but the ale offers a nice brightness that makes this pairing very smooth and drinkable.

Here's an idea--try this beer at The Bulldog NE's kicka** happy hour, daily 3p-6p and 11p-1am.