Drink of the week: moto-i's Premium Sampler Flight


photo by Steve Neuharth Premium Sampler Flight

2940 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls.

moto-i really loves the sake. In fact, they love sake enough to brew it in-house with Japanese rice processed to their exact specifications. And all you have to do is sit down and drink it.

The Premium Sampler Flight is a great way to sample three of moto-i's lovingly crafted rice wines. First, sip the Junmai Nama Gensu with its crazy 18.4 alcohol content. The Gensu is both wickly strong and nicely sweet. Next is the Junmai Nama, a gentler sake with a nice hint of fruit. Finally, try the Junmai Nama Nigori which is roughly pressed giving it a milky hue and a slight texture--which was weird at first, but after a few sips the Nigori tasted oh-so-right. The lovely small plates at moto-i, their take on Japanese street fare, are the perfect companion on your sake adventure.

To learn more about the sake making process, check out moto-i's website for their cool tutorial.