Drink of the Week: Minnesota Martini


Minnesota Martini Dakota Jazz Club Opulent Vodka, Alexis Bailey ice wine, orange twist and fresh mint $10.50

Legend has it that Winston Churchill used to merely whisper the word “vermouth” over his martini. If that's too high-octane, but you don't like to fill your boozohol with pomegranate juice either, try the Dakota's “Minnesota Martini.”

Instead of vermouth, the concoction is made with ice wine. The dessert wine is made from grapes frozen on the vine, and hence has more concentrated sugar. But when combined with the vodka, it's more refreshing than sweet vermouth. This results in a delightfully drinkable cocktail that's more or less true to the lush (heh) roots of the martini. Cheap? Nope. Tasty? Absolutely. Er, Opulently.