Drink of the Week: Mexican 3-Way

You remember the MTV show

Pimp my Ride

? Well this is like that, only with a margarita.

Mexican 3-Way Chino Latino This ain't no Don Pablo margarita $11

Like most of Chino Latino drinks the Mexican 3-Way has a naughty name, and much like the Red Dragon’s Wondrous Punch, if you order this you better know how to hold your liquor. This one will set you back $11, but it's a bargain when you look at the ingredients, which consist of margarita ingredient all–stars, as well as some surprise guest players.

Start with 3 shots of Sauza Hornitos Reposado Tequila, triple sec (orange flavored liqueur), lime juice, and tamarind (a tart, tropical fruit). All these ingredients are mixed in a generous pint glass, made all fancy with a sprinkling of nuts,salt rim, and three little plastic donkeys. Why donkeys? Because if you have more than one I suspect you will become an ass. Just one is a perfect treat on your way to a movie at the Uptown, a nice buzzed walk around Lake Calhoun, or drunken grocery shopping a Lund’s (hey, I’m not judging).

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