Drink of the Week: Marusya Gold

I know, it’s sacrilegious to go to a Russian bar and not have a cocktail. But then, there are also days when I sagely prefer not to get kicked in the head. But don’t be fooled by the coyly innocent bubble of this cocktail.

Marusya Gold Moscow On The Hill A champagne cocktail with a kick $7

Order up the Marusya Gold and it is hard not to squeal with delight at the pretty drink that arrives moments later: Its glow golden with warm pink tones, its playful bubble, it’s cherry winking at you from inside the small champagne flute like an exclamation point. It may have a sweet outward appearance, but this drink is not that innocent. Its ingredients can stand up to any martini: one and a half shots of homemade cherry vodka, topped with dry champagne, and a maraschino cherry. It might sound sweeter than a Cherry Coke, but it’s not. The champagne manages to offset any grenadine-effect the cherry vodka might have if it had been mixed with something sweeter, like 7-Up. See, girly drinks can be elegant afterall.

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