Drink of the week: Martinis at Monte Carlo Bar


Your favorite martini $10 Monte Carlo Bar
219 3rd Ave N., Mpls.

At this time of the year, I get a little nostalgic and gravitate towards old favorite places. The Monte Carlo is a place of many fond memories and also the kind of bar where it is easy to make new friends as the martinis flows and the conversations start.

Ar the Monte Carlo martinis are served in a pint glass, with your own stainer--pretty much a 2-4-1, making refills a breeze. Lately I have favored The Smokey Martini--either vodka or gin, vermouth and a splash of scotch, or The Rob Roy--scotch and vermouth. The vintage charm of this bar--the ultimate in old-school-- dimly lit, sparely decorated, with an astonishing selection of amber, ruby and crystal clear bottles of liquor covering the entire wall, make this a place perfect to duck into on a cold day, forget all your worries, and toast to new friends and old.