Drink of the week: Lake Elmo Inn's Manhattan



Lake Elmo Inn
3442 Lake Elmo Ave N, Lake Elmo

The city of Lake Elmo is a sweet little drive that makes you feel like you are on a road trip, yet you are so close to the city. You will be greeted by farmlands, streams and the setting sun. Once you reach your destination of the Lake Elmo Inn you will witness salt and pepper shakers-- hundreds of vintage salt and pepper shakers line the walls and it is a hoot to check them out.You will also be greeted by Lake Elmo Inn's attentive staff who will be happy to bring you a cocktail of your choice.

poor quality photo by M. Leon

At this classic restaurant it seems only right to order a classic cocktail. And Manhattans are not just for old guys anymore. Bourbon (or blended whiskey, which I am told was used in the original Manhattan recipe) vermouth and sweet bitters. Maraschino cherry. Basket of hot rolls. Prime rib special ($16 on Thursdays). And, a beautiful drive home.