Drink of the Week: La Belle Vie's I'll Bet You Do


photos by Steve Neuharth

I'll Bet You Do
La Belle Vie
510 Groveland Ave., Mpls.

The Twin Cities cocktail culture is truly a fine thing.

For many of us, who may not always be able to afford an expensive dinner, what a wonderful way to experience the decadence of the cities finer restaurants and lounges then to put on your finest feathers (preferably of the vintage variety) and treat yourself to a little liquid indulgence.

Entering La Belle Vie, with its graceful marble entry way and intricate crown molding, the door held open by doormen straight out of Bogart movie, is like entering an enchanted world. Sitting down at at the bar and choosing one of the many exquisite cocktail selections is heavenly--especially if you are all gussied up for an evening on the town.

I chose the I'll Bet You Do, a pink grapefruit margarita garnished with key lime and hazelnuts, with a wink-wink, nudge-nudge name, and deceptive potency. After one I'll Bet You Do my cheeks were flushed as I powdered my nose in the lovely vintage tiled ladies room.

As you step back out into the real world after cocktail hour at La Belle Vie, life may seem softer, prettier and a little less serious. The view of the Minneapolis skyline and the beautiful Gothic church across the street provide the perfect opportunity to breath in the sweet air and treasure all that our beautiful cities have to offer.