Drink of the week: Kir Royale at Barbette


photos by Bonnie Butler Brown

Kir Royale

1600 Lake St., Minneapolis

Here are some good things about winter: the quality of the light, the beauty of rosy cheeks, and the warmth you feel sitting in Barbette on a frosty afternoon drinking sparkling wine.

When I recently acquainted myself with the leisure of a lengthy, alcohol-warmed weekday lunch, I may have actually squealed with delight when my drink arrived: A glass of Cristalino with a splash of creme de cassis. Bubbles were softly rising though the rose-hued cocktail. The apple flavor of the cava accented by the rich currant of the cassis, created sweet pleasure.

Sitting and talking in the enchanted Barbette dining room--the kind of room that makes you want to write poetry--and sipping this decadent elixir, made life on this winter day, lovely, giggly and charmed.