Drink of the Week: Il Vesco Vino's Dolce Vita

photos by Steve Neuharth

Il Vesco Vino
242 West Seventh St., St. Paul

Since spring is the time for love (not to mention cocktails on patios), it seemed only right to highlight a cocktail this week that is inspired by amore.

Now all settled in their newly renovated, more spacious downtown locale, Il Vesco Vino feels comfy and familiar. Their inspired cocktail menu has a simple elegance, just like the new locale, and many thoughtful creations are served. Inspired by the name, I went with the Dolce Vita, made with prosecco, Tuaca (an Italian liquor infused with citrus and spices) and passion fruit juice. The passion fruit juice gives the drink an almost nutty flavor, but the prosecco keeps it light and gives you that nice bubbles-in-your-nose giddy feeling that is so perfect in this, the season of love.