Drink of the week: Grumpy's NE's Phil Collins


Phil Collins
Grumpy's NE
2220 4th St. NE, Mpls.
Well, you already have the Tom Collins and the Vodka Collins, why not Phil? So goes the thinking behind one of Grumpy's favorite cocktail sensations the Phil Collins.

Oh yes, the jokes were flying when I tried my P. Collins--"yeah, this drink is a little thin on top," and "you can feel it coming in the air tonite."

You might want know what is in this Phil Collins that we speak and I will tell: gin, sweet and sour, grenadine and a splash of OJ. Basically, a Tom Collins in a martini glass with a splash of orange juice. But oh so much more. This sour/sweet sensation is most certainly a very easy lover. Just stop on by Grumpy's one of these days (or nights) and ask for their signature creation because it is so Sussudio-lious.