Drink of the week: Cucumber vodka on the rocks


Cucumber vodka on the rocks $8.00 Erte's Peacock Lounge 323 13th Ave. NE Minneapolis 612.623.4211

Named after the art deco artist, Erte has that sweet vintage feel--particularly in their Peacock Lounge. With soaring ceilings and dark wood, this bar a swell place to be, especially now, as she's all gussied up for the holidays. If you are lucky, a light snow will be falling outside as you curl up with your drink, all warm and cozy.

The Peacock Lounge is a wonderful place to go classic in cocktail-ville. I am always a sucker for a classic with a fresh twist, which is why I really enjoyed their cucumber vodka on the rocks. The crisp taste of rye vodka muddled with melony cucumber and this sliver-moon pretty room made for a perfect winter's eve.