Drink of the week: Cooper Pub and Restaurant's Big Ginger


Big Ginger Cooper Pub and Restaurant 1607 Park Place Blvd. (Hwy 394 and 100) St Louis Park 952.698.2000 website

When visiting an Irish pub it is difficult to forgo tipping a pint-o-ale, but this drink makes that choice worth your while.

Kieran Folliard's beautiful new space, Cooper, is located in just outside of the city on in the vicinity of the former Cooper Movie Theater. [Hey, who remembers the big go-go dance style cages The Cooper had in the 70s for smokers? Or, that weird buffet across the street called The Jolly Troll that had mechanical trolls in various scenarios throughout the restaurant?]. Anyhoo, this drink has Jameson (2 shots) and ginger ale, served in a 16oz glass (that's the "big" part) garnished with sparkling fresh lemon and lime wedgies; It is that simple, it is that dee-licious, and it just might make you happy.

While many of you don't like to venture cross the city line to the burbs, you can still see the Minneapolis skyline from this bar so that must count for something. And you can also get this cocktail at the place the Big Ginger was born, Folliard's The Local. Me, I like to drink mine while I reminisce fondly about creepy trolls.