Drink of the Week: Bradstreet's Cooper Union

photos by Steve Neuharth

Cooper's Union

Bradstreet Craftshouse Restaurant
Graves 601 Hotel
601 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

The Twin Cities has been so fortunate to be at the epicenter of the recent cocktail renaissance. No, a gin and tonic in a plastic cup will no longer do--drink making has become the art it was always meant to be what is thought to the first cocktail, The Sazerac, was created in New Orleans in the late 1800s.

At Bradstreet drink making is taken to a whole new level with their house-made bitters, flower waters, infusions and juices. Sparkling fresh herbs, spices and fruit adorn the expertly made preparations. With brown-bottled tinctures added from eyedroppers, flaming fruit peels creating fragrant oils, and jeweled toned potions being poured with intense concentration, you almost feel like you are witnessing sorcery while your cocktail is being prepared.

Served in a lovely lemon garnished flute, Cooper's Union is a beautifully complex cocktail made with vodka, elderflower liquor, sparking wine and orange flower water. The stratified flavors are light, floral and downright magical.

Here's a toast to the recent blossoming of the Twin Cities drink culture--what a beautiful thing.