Drink of the week: Bar La Grassa's White Spider


White Spider

Bar La Grassa
800 Washington Ave. N., Mpls

Bar La Grassa is a place that just feels good. Really good, from the minute you walk in the door. I don't know if it is the dark wood, the brightly colored votives or the Johnny Cash portrait. This restaurant just has got it going on.

The food, of course, warrants a thorough discourse, but my job is to talk c-tails. Bar La Grassa has such a thoughful drink menu, I thought it best to ask the preferred choice. And the White Spider received unanimous votes.

This cocktail is so silky and lush, it is hard to believe it only has three ingredients: Bombay Gin, Cointreau and homemade sour mix. Perfect proportions and vigorous shaking create a drink as soft as a whisper. This is truly an elixir created by someone who really wants to make us all happy.
La Chaim!