Drink of the Week: Absinthe


Drink of the Week Absinthe Nick and Eddie’s 1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis 612-485-5800 $10.50

Absinthe, it has a certain mystique--a drink for artists and writers, which was presumed to have hallucinogenic qualities. In ye-olden-days, it was known as “the green fairy.” Traditionally distilled from herbs, the magic ingredient was thought to be wormwood (which was never really proven to be a hallucinogen). A drink strictly for sinners.

Absinthe is so pretty-- emerald green—and the ritual of drinking it is so bewitching. The absinthe served at Nick and Eddie's is made from brandy and distilled with anise, mint, lemon balm, tarragon and fennel. The absinthe ceremony starts by pouring water from a small silver pitcher over a sugar cube, lying on a special silver holder, into your absinthe filled glass--a drink with its own glassware and rites, how lovely. Absinthe is sweet, warm and pleasant with a strong licorice base, fragrant herbal tones and hints of grass and citrus—earthy and medicinal.

There is something mysterious and old-fashioned about this elixir—it should be drunk in a Victorian parlor, whilst resting on a fainting couch of crimson velvet and listening to a Victrola (record player with big horn). Nick and Eddie’s provides a perfect atmosphere for drinking absinthe—artsy, dimly lit, with a touch of red velvet on the walls—a setting where strong magic potions will facilitate philosophical conversations, poetry yet to be written and green fairies flying into the night.