Drink for less: great wine deal at D'Amico Cucina


If you're venturing into the wilds of Minneapolis's Warehouse District for food and entertainment anytime soon, you ought to know about a new way to save money. The Warehouse District Business Association is trying to lure bodies to downtown's hinterlands with a new gimmick--the Big Deal Card, a discount card that will get you special price breaks at participating businesses. Foodwise, most of the discounts are pretty uninspiring--a free appetizer when you buy another one, for example--but one offer stood out as a genuine Big Deal. At upscale D'Amico Cucina, your card will get you half off a bottle of any wine listed under $100. It's a great way to sample wines that might otherwise be out of your price range. A classy barbera like a Boglietti "Roscaleto," for example, which lists for $85, can be yours for a little over 40 bucks. Or an Antinori Cervaro della Sala chardonnay/grechetto blend, which D'Amico bar manager Tim Weldon calls a "great bottle of wine," is now just $48 instead of the usual $96. You can get the card at participating businesses, or you can check out the current discount offers and download a card online here. Of course, to get the deal you'll have to blow a hefty wad for dinner at D'Amico Cucina, but if you're already planning a special night out for the holidays, how can you go wrong?