Drink beer with smart beer women

Beer. It ain't just for dudes anymore, you know?

Beer. It ain't just for dudes anymore, you know?

Move over dad bod guy in stained T-shirt belching in front of the TV. 

Wait, that was rude. That was insensitive. That was a cliche. But hey, that's what it feels like when the portrayals of discerning beer drinkers are predominantly men. Women love beer, too. They love it a lot, and guess what? They know stuff about it! 

For proof, check out the upcoming Women in Brewing panel at the Herkimer, where the below listed esteemed panel of women will discuss all things beer including breaking into the “boys only” club, the challenges they face, the glass ceiling, and the growing network of beer women. 

And hey, guess what? There will beer! Passed nibblies, too. Tickets are $30 bucks. 

The panel: 

Deb Loch: Brewer/owner, Urban Growler, St. Paul — The first exclusively female-owned brewery in MN.

Laura Mullin: Co-owner, The Bent Paddle, Duluth, and former Coordinator, MN Craft Brewers Guild.

Kelsi Moffitt: Operations Director, Better Beer Society, Minneapolis, and Co-Leader of Barley’s Angels MN.

Tara Alcure: Upper Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Green Flash Brewing (San Diego) and Co-founder of the Pink Boots Society MN.

Jacquie Berglund: Founder and CEO, Finnegans Beer, Minneapolis —The first brewery in the world to donate 100% of their profits towards ending hunger.

Amanda Buhman: Events Coordinator, One Simple Plan, MN Craft Brewers Guild.

Rita Skamser-O’Neil: General Manager & Cicerone Certified Beer Server, The Herkimer Pub and Brewery, Minneapolis

September 17th, 6p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Herkimer

2922 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls. 

Purchase tickets here