Drink 100 Whiskeys at the Depot: Whiskey on Ice April 12


Drinking whiskey at an ice skating rink may or may not sound like a good idea depending on your skillz. Not to worry-- the ice rink will actually be closed for the inaugural Whiskey on Ice event at The Depot on April 12.

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Do you like whiskey? Do you like it an awful lot? Then this is probably the event for you, as it will bring together 100 distilleries from around the globe, including four whiskey masterclass tasting seminars, each focusing on a particular whiskey portfolio.

Enjoy a smoke with your drink? Then have one at the cigar and cocktail lounge. Like beer instead? Then have a select brewski from Surly.

And you'd be wise to eat food and drink water. They've got that covered, too.

Bonus: You'd be doubly wise not to operate a motorized vehicle after all of this brown liquor fun, and like good pro drinkers, the event organizers have a fix for that, too: The Depot's location at the Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel makes a great excuse to take advantage of special reservation rates available for Saturday, April 11 through Monday, April 13.

Sold? Tickets range from $20 to $125 and are available only via the event website.

Correction: An earlier version of this post mentioned that the rink would be open during the Whiskey on Ice event. The rink is closed for the season.

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