Dragon Wok wants to be your hot, fresh, and cheap Chinese delivery this winter

A rice noodle salad so generous you can take it into the next day.

A rice noodle salad so generous you can take it into the next day. Mecca Bos

Have you noticed? 

Sandwiched in on the same corner as the far trendier Kyatchi, Nighthawks, and Blackbird, Dragon Wok slipped in quietly a couple years ago and started churning out high-quality Asian takeout and delivery at a fair price.

Just a sliver of a place with merely five stools, Dragon Wok is designed with the couch-eater in mind, and now that winter is finally upon us, you’d be wise to get to know it.

We love the place for its straightforward take on Chinese and a few Vietnamese takeout classics, done with a little extra care and freshness. We watched as a couple of line cooks fired things to order, just as would be done in a full-service place. No scoop and dump here, and even the sauces are clearly handmade.

Hot and sour soup is the familiar, slightly mucilaginous wonder we know and love, but here it’s infused with tons of fresh scallion and black pepper and tastes wonderfully alive. Potstickers are light and crisp, and a rice noodle salad was generous enough to take into the next day, with a bombardment of freshly toasted peanuts and crisp little egg roll flutes on the side. Everything on the menu is priced under $10, and many things can be had in half-orders for about half the price tag, too.

The happy-making thing is that all of your serious late-night cravings are here: orange chicken, kung pao chicken, sesame chicken, Mongolian pineapple chicken, sweet and sour chicken, chicken chow mein! Nine different stir-fries, cream cheese wontons, and General Tso’s. So much more. And, look closely because they’re also serving a few traditional Cambodian dishes like a lemongrass coconut curry with beef and pineapple.

This isn’t the over-the-top newfangled Chinese designed to wow you or make you want a craft cocktail. No. This is the "goddammit-if-I-don’t-get-some-sweet-and-sour-chicken-in-my-face-right-now-I’m-gonna-snap" kind of place.

Dragon Wok will get it to you, and it'll be a little bit better than you've had it before..

It will be hot, it will be fresh, it will be cheap, and it will be fast. And that’s what you want. 

3752 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis