Downtown Target hits bull's eye with new produce

If you enter the Nicollet Mall Target in downtown Minneapolis, you may end up doing a double take. Are your eyes playing tricks on you, or is there suddenly a whole lot more food?

Save that trip to the optometrist -- Target did expand its food selection this month in two locations – in downtown Minneapolis and at the Ridgedale Target in Minnetonka. Target’s Jessica Houser says, the store changes were made in response “to what our guests have told us they want, which is more fresh food selection.”

Produce, baked goods, lunch meat are all available a short trip down from the skyway level.

The expanded Target has 40% more food than other Targets (not including Super Targets, of course). Instead of 38 sides (company lingo for one side of an aisle), the re-configured Target has 55. Target has regularly carried frozen foods and dried goods like granola and cereal. Now, says Houser, Target also has items like “basic fresh produce, fresh meat, including ground beef, chicken, and pork, and bakery goods.” On a recent trip, these fresh fruits (potential office snacks?) included a 3lb bag of clementines ($4.99), a 3lb bag of seedless grapes ($5.99), and a 5lb box of honeycrisp apples ($7.49). Other available products are olive oil, lunchmeats, breads, cheese, soups, and easy-to-make fresh pasta dishes.

Downtown Target hits bull's eye with new produce

Fresh fruit may be a great office afternoon snack.

The Minnesota locations are the first test prototypes for this new kind of store. Other upcoming sites with a similar floor plan include stores in Memphis, Tennessee and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. If these locations prove successful, Target may use this model for many more new future stores.

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