Downtown Minneapolis Spyhouse Working Toward a Spring 2015 Opening


Remember that potential downtown Minneapolis Spyhouse location?

We checked in with Spyhouse owner Christian Johnson to see how their recent pop-up at 811 Glenwood Ave. went. The schtick was if they were able to give away 2,000 cups in three days, they'd make the thing permanent.

Johnson says they went about 15 percent over the traffic they were expecting to see in that relatively under-served area of town, and that he's "90 percent" sure they're going to make it a permanent location, opening around March or April of next year.

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"I've already got it designed in my head, but we never like to say 'for sure' until we have all the lease negotiations in order," Johnson says.

If it is a go, the space will be one of two new Spyhouse locations for 2015. As for that second location? He's not divulging those details quite yet.

Glenwood, he says, will be a small, 600-foot satellite shop.

"There is a satisfying design community over there -- it might be like the new Minneapolis design corridor -- and I'm really looking forward to serving that area. It's gonna look sweet."

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