Downtown Minneapolis restaurant taxes are nation's highest

When going about making dinner reservations, what are the factors you typically consider? Style of food, ease of parking, and table availability all share equal power in the decision-making process, but a new study conducted by a Washington, D.C., think tank reveals information that may make you want to strongly consider journeying out to the suburbs. 

The 10.755 percent restaurant tax imposed on meals enjoyed in downtown Minneapolis is the highest of any city in the country, beating out Chicago and Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Star Tribune reports.

Aside from being yet another reason to try Travail in Robbinsdale, lawmakers note that the results of this study could provide ammunition for those who oppose the current Vikings stadium plan proposed by R.T. Rybak. The proposal would extend city taxes and possibly secure Minneapolis's spot at the top of this list for years to come. Here's how the Department of Revenue says the downtown meal taxes are now divided.
State tax: 6.875%
Transit Improvement: .25%
Hennepin County: .15%
Minneapolis sales: .5%
Minneapolis downtown restaurant: 3%

If you happen to be enjoying battered frenchies or Pancho's wings while listening to music at Hell's Kitchen, the price is even higher: 13.775 percent at restaurants that offer live entertainment.

Never noticed the additional tax before? Would it keep you from dining in downtown Minneapolis now? Tell us in the comments below.


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