Download the new Tattersall app, trick people into thinking you're a cocktail wizard

Making mean mixed drinks to wow your guests? There's an app for that.

Making mean mixed drinks to wow your guests? There's an app for that. Facebook: Tattersall Distilling

Tattersall. Tattersalways!

"Em, are you shoehorning a very specific and dated reference to the 30 Rock joke about Pajamaralls into this blog post?" is a thing you probably are not asking given that it is both a very specific and dated reference. 

But I am, in fact, and let me tell you why! Because the Northeast distillery just launched an app that lets you keep expertise from its distillers and bartenders in your pocket all the time, wherever you go.

In a release last week, Tattersall co-founder and chief operator Dan Oskey said what so many stressed-out party hosts have no doubt found themselves thinking: “You should be pouring cocktails for your guests when they arrive, not poring over complicated recipe books at the last second.” (Excellent wordplay! Not quite 30 Rock-worthy, but -- oh my god, someone take my Hulu subscription away.) 

“Lots of people are game to try mixing a cocktail, but not everyone’s super comfortable with quantities or knowing which flavors work best together," Oskey adds. "This app’s designed to make really great, seasonally flavorful cocktails accessible to anyone, from novice to pro." 

The app has more than 300 individual recipes, including Tattersall cocktail room originals and riffs on standards, and they're searchable by difficulty level, spirit, and occasion. Right now, you might consider cozying up with something from the "winter holiday" or "cabin" sections, like the Amaro Swiss Miss or Salty Dog Cabin Cocktail (both easy!).

It's free and available in the app store, and while there's no Android version yet, Oskey tells MPLS/St. Paul Mag that one's on the way.

Play us off, Pajamarall lady!