Doug Flicker Shows Food Is Art in Beautiful Short Film [VIDEO]

Doug Flicker says he's merely a line cook in Daniel Cummings's short documentary, <em>Lost in Thought</em>

Doug Flicker says he's merely a line cook in Daniel Cummings's short documentary, Lost in Thought

A quick poll: Raise your hand if you plan to travel to the top 10 restaurants in the world anytime soon.


Right, only in our dreams. But local filmmaker Daniel Cummings thinks culinary art needn't be limited to our sense of taste. He's letting diners experience world-class food another way.

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While traveling the world with his production company Picture Machine Productions, Cummings and his wife, who are avid food lovers, noticed that food is as much a visual art as anything.

Cummings's aim is to shed light on the visual arts perspective of unconventional artists -- people like chefs and even scientists.

"I think the San Pellegrino list actually does these restaurants a disservice -- a name and a sentence actually makes it very difficult to engage with them if you can't eat there."

So he approached the world's finest chefs and asked: "May I create a short, stream-of-consciousness highly visual documentary about what you do?"

Amazingly, six of them have agreed. But before doing all of that, he approached our own Doug Flicker of Piccolo, who agreed to participate in Cummings's "passion project"-- it's completely not-for-profit, and the videos will be made available on Vimeo and on Cummings's own website. He may eventually seek an arts grant to help fund the project.

Flicker said he prefers "staying in the shadows" as much as possible, but was drawn to Cummings's vision because of its concentration on cooking, rather than "cheffing."

Lost In Thought "Piccolo" from Picture Machine Productions on Vimeo.

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