Doug Anderson's New Uptown Pizza/Burrito Spot Will Be Called Al's SSSuper Ass Friday

Restaurateur Doug Anderson likes to create unique spaces like the back alley of the late Nick and Eddie

Restaurateur Doug Anderson likes to create unique spaces like the back alley of the late Nick and Eddie

Remember the strange, ill-fated Belmore/New Skyway Lounge on the strange strip of Fourth Street situated between the cop shop and the defunct Om space? No?

What about Nick and Eddie, Bakery on Grand, or A Rebours? Doug Anderson is nothing if not prolific, and he's back on the scene, with Al's SSSuper Ass Friday, somewhere in Uptown, sometime spring-ish.

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What Anderson's places lack in staying power they make up for in style. But if you thought the Belmore was low-key and odd, just you wait.

There will be no more than 20 seats ("It becomes about how many people can you tolerate without completely losing your shit, and that number gets smaller and smaller with each passing year"). It's just a room, with pizza and San Francisco "Mission-style" burritos and a few whites and a few reds and a few beers.

"People can go drink their 30 fucking beers somewhere else -- I don't even give a fuck."

This is not a schtick, quoth Anderson, it's just that he wants a space with some goddamn soul, something like New York's Shopsin's or San Francisco's Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, or the late Minneapolis Gem Cafe ("a funny place owned by a couple of funny old queens and everybody who went there was funny"), all places noted for their restaurateurs who essentially do whatever they want, and yet enjoy a cult following not in spite of, but because of it.

"When you run out of food, you're just closed for the day and you go home." That sort of thing.

He wishes to open in Uptown because of the foot traffic and because he wants to "watch people going somewhere all day," instead of dealing with cars, which he says was a big problem with Nick and Eddie, situated within the parking clusterfuck that is Loring Park.

You should know that this pizza will be real deal -- he's currently the pizza guy at Victor's on Water and his grill-charred crust is on our current top five in town list. He admits that a chef he is not, but his pizza is good. And people like good pizza.

If you're unsure what a Mission-style burrito entails, as we were, think about something that can keep one alive for years, which they did Anderson, with only one meal a day. And yes, bigger and better than a Chipotle.

The name is inspired by a cook named Al who he's working with at Victor's who is "beyond enthusiastic" about everything he does. "Like singing to his salads enthusiastic." Al's scheduled Fridays are no ordinary Fridays. They are "Super Ass Fridays."

Anderson needs the three "SSS" to contribute to cool signage, naturally. And also, he likes stupid names, which some people find stupid, and to those people he says: Don't come.

Most importantly, he wants to borrow not a dime for the project, and not be indebted to anyone for any part of it.

"Not upscale, not better. A fucking hole in the wall."

Look for it around May.

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