Double your giving with $100 in free Morrissey gift cards


Gift-givers deserve to treat themselves, too, right? Morrissey Hospitality Cos. just launched a promotion in which those who purchase $100 in gift cards to any one of their seven restaurants will receive an additional $100 worth of bonus gift cards from The Saint Paul Hotel, The St. Paul Grill, Pazzaluna, The Hotel Minneapolis, Restaurant Max, Tria and Enjoy!

In a press release, MHC's President Bill Morrissey explains:

"Let's say someone purchases four, $25 St. Paul Grill gift cards to give to their co-workers," he says. "In addition to their four gift cards, The St. Paul Grill will give them a package containing five, $20 promotional cards--one for one for Pazzaluna, one for the Hotel Minneapolis, one for restaurant Max in downtown Minneapolis, one for Tria Restaurant and Market in North Oaks and one for Enjoy! Restaurant in Apple Valley."

Morrissey restaurants aren't among the most cutting-edge in town, but they are the sort of crowd-pleasing places that make for safe gift-card giving. I'm most interested in Restaurant Max, now under the leadership of Kevin Kathman after opening chef Matt Holmes went to oversee Level 5 at the Guthrie. Kathman, a MN-native, has an impressive resume that includes a three-year stint at the French Laundry and launching his own restaurant, the critically acclaimed Blend, in La Quinta, Calif. But St. Paul Hotel and Pazzaluna are both reliable pre-theater spots, Tria is among one of the best restaurants in the north metro, and the gift card to Enjoy! would be a good excuse to check the place out, if, like me, you've never been there.

This gift card will be sold through December 31, 2009. The $20 promotional cards will expire on March 31, 2010 and are valid at the specified location only. Gift cards can be purchased by phone, at any of the establishments, or online at each establishment's website. For details, go to

* The Saint Paul Hotel, 350 Market Street, St. Paul, (651) 292-9292, * The St. Paul Grill, 350 Market Street, St. Paul, (651) 224-7455, * Pazzaluna, 360 St. Peter Street, St. Paul, (651) 223-7000, * Tria Restaurant and Bar, 5959 Centerville Rd, North Oaks, (651) 426-9222, * The Hotel Minneapolis, 215 South 4th St., Minneapolis, (612) 340-2000, * restaurant Max, 215 South 4th St, Minneapolis, (612) 340-0303, * Enjoy! Restaurant, 15435 Founders Lane, Apple Valley, (952) 891-6569