Double Down countdown: Book your bypass now!

Double Down countdown: Book your bypass now!

Do you dream of the day you can wrap your mouth around cheese and bacon that has been wedged between two hunks of fried chicken and passed off as a sandwich? Well, your day has come, my friend. KFC is unleashing the Double Down, a "sandwich" made solely of fried chicken, melted cheese and bacon.

Unlike the legendary and elusive McGangBang, the Double Down is actually on the KFC menu (or will be as of April 12; KFC's website has a helpful countdown clock), though the price--and I'm talking money here, not the toll on your arteries--has yet to be announced.

Other than certain coronary death, what are you signing up for when you ingest the Double Down? If you order the original recipe version, you're getting 540 calories and 1380 mg of sodium. Opt for the seemingly healthier grilled Double Down and you're trimming calories (460) but packing in more salt (1430 mg). Thinking about making it a Combo meal with a soda and potato wedges? That ups the ante to 1,000 calories, 45 grams of fat, and 2120 milligrams of sodium. Considering that adults shouldn't exceed 1500-2400 mg of sodium in a day...woof.

Naturally, the folks at Vegansaurus have already created a recipe for a meat-and-dairy-free version of the Double Down--they even generate a vegan take on the Colonel's secret sauce--which you can find here.

And by all means, if (when?) you throw caution to the wind and ingest the Double Down, let us know.

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