Donut Cooperative moves closer to reality; thank-you party Saturday

The Donut Cooperative will be celebrating in style Saturday night, with good reason. The group surpassed its fundraising goal of $10,000 earlier this month; it has a space picked out for the new storefront, and its goal is to open this fall. The Hot Dish spoke with one of the cooperative's creators, Dawn Lee, and one of the project's bigger donors, Dave Gangler, for the inside scoop on Saturday's event, plans for the co-op, and what it's like to design a doughnut that will bear your name.

Saturday's event will take place at the Archive (in the basement of the VFW next to the Herkimer on Lyndale Avenue) at 9 p.m. It will be free for all who donated in any amount on Kickstarter and $5 for everyone else. There will be abundant free doughnuts and entertainment from four local bands--the Great Confinement, Claps!, the Funeral and the Twilight, and Birds of Virginia. The event will also boast free coffee from Peace Coffee, a partner of the Donut Cooperative.

The event is a way to thank those who contributed to the project's funding. There were multiple funding levels available for donors to choose from, each with its own perks and rewards. The $5 level got a thank-you on the website and a Donut Co-op button. The $250 level came with free coffee and a free doughnut with every visit for life, a cup and saucer by a local ceramicist, and the privilege of customizing your own doughnut, which will bear your name through the ages (among other perks). Dave Gangler, one of the $250 donors, explained his motivation to contribute at that level: "The first reason I considered donating is because I think the Twin Cities has a severe lack of a great doughnut place. Some friends of mine started talking about this Donut Cooperative place. I looked at some of the pictures of test batches of doughnuts on their Facebook page, and they looked scrumptious! I really think the demand is there, and I just know this will be a huge success. So I was a big supporter of the idea just on principle. But let's be honest here. The bottom line is that my donation was a selfish one. I love the idea of being able to head a few blocks away from home and get a free doughnut anytime I want. And without a doubt the number one reason I donated: getting a doughnut named after me. I envision a time 30 years from now when everyone in Minneapolis knows about the Donut Cooperative, and they all know that when you go to DoCo you gotta get a Gangler!"

So what will the Gangler be like? Lee says Dave chose a fairly simple doughnut concept: a raised, glazed doughnut with chocolate drizzles. "I thought he would choose something more outrageous," she confessed, "with a name like the Gangler." But Dave says, "I liked the idea of my doughnut being a staple that people would order frequently. So I figured basic wasn't a bad way to go."

The Donut Cooperative is aiming for a fall opening across from the Chatterbox on 23rd Avenue South in Minneapolis. But doughnut enthusiasts can get a sneak peek at their offerings on Saturday night. We asked Gangler if he was planning on attending the thank-you event. "You bet! I'm all aflutter about it! It will be my first taste of a Gangler!"

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