Don't sleep on Salty Tart's new south Minneapolis bakery

Get you one of these cream-filled, sugar-crusted brioche buns.

Get you one of these cream-filled, sugar-crusted brioche buns. Emily Cassel

Turn from Lake Street onto Harriet Avenue in south Minneapolis, and you could well miss it: the simple A-frame sign, the subtle gold window lettering that recently went up in the small brick building at 2940.

And what a shame that would be. Inside, you'll find pastry perfection courtesy of Salty Tart bakery's newest location.

In late September, James Beard Award-winning baker Michelle Gayer announced that she was ending her 10-year tenure in the nearby Midtown Global Market. Salty Tart sales had plummeted after she moved into a smaller, more tucked-away Midtown shop—Gayer guesses people thought she'd closed when they couldn't find her at the original location—so she decided to move out. The standalone Salty Tart on Harriet opened in early October. 

Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel

The thing is, Salty Tart's latest home isn't exactly screaming for attention, either. It's sneaky, camouflaged as any other south Minneapolis house (and a quaint one at that).

The modest structure underwent minimal changes to accommodate its new tenant; approaching from Lake, the signage you'll see is for Common Roots Catering.

Let us be the ones to urge you, then: Please, please go in, and treat yourself to some of the sweet and savory pastries or pies or breads or cookies that line the counter. Grab a cup of coffee. Pair it with a coconut macaroon so balanced in texture and flavor we've seen them knock coconut agnostics off their feet. Pre-order a pie for Thanksgiving. 

Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel

Harriet Avenue doesn't have a full brunch spread like the Salty Tart in St. Paul. It's not in an eye-catching blue van like the one at MSP. There aren't any tables; this is a neighborhood bakery counter meant for grabbing and going.

And grab and go you should. Because we don't want this latest move to trick people into thinking that Gayer's left south Minneapolis for good. 

We're worried if that happens... she actually might. 

Salty Tart
2940 Harriet Ave. S., Minneapolis