Don't cha know: 7 foods you didn't know started in Minnesota

The Land of 10,000 Lakes can brag about many things, including but not limited to the birth of our dear artist formally known as Prince, the stapler, and roller blades. But when was the last time you took a bite of your Pillsbury croissants or funfetti cake and thought, "BOOM, Minnesota!"? Not often enough, Hot Dishers. Well, stop being so humble. Here are seven foods you should celebrate with newfound pride.

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7. Spam Spicy spam, cheesy spam, we all scream for spam! Okay, not quite, but this convenient little can of patriotism was created by Minnesota's very own Hormel Foods back in 1937. The town of Austin, Minnesota, even has a SPAM museum, proving that this snack deserves more credit than simply being a synonym for junk mail. 6. Toast We can practically hear you screaming, "Minnesota did not invent toasted bread, you idiot!" To that we say: You are 100 percent correct. However, you can thank Minnesota's invention of the first pop-up toaster for your crispy breakfast of perfection since 1919. Grab some jam from a local farmers market and we bet you can taste the Minnesota pride in a single bite.


5. Bundt cake
Hate when your cake isn't molded into perfect, ready-to-cut servings? So did Minnesota, until it created the world's first Bundt pan. It's like a glorified, hulk-ed out donut, and we have St. Louis Park-based Nordic Ware to thank for it. So next time you think, "Wow, I wish my cake didn't have a center," head on over to the Gopher State for every kind of Bundt cake mold your heart could desire.

4. Honeycrisp apples How many states can say one of their universities created a variation of fruit? That's right, your favorite sweet orchard-economy-saving apple is not only the state fruit, but our very own creation. Didn't know? Yeah, that's because Minnesota is too humble to interrupt your refreshing Honeycrisp experience.


3. Pizza rolls
*Cue Minnesota stoners' collective jaw drop* The Totino family originally had their company bought by another Minnesota company, General Mills, but that didn't stop them from creating perfect pop-in-your-mouth pizza perfection. A college-student staple and a middle-school sleepover necessity, pizza rolls are there for you when no one else is. Thanks, Minnesota!

2. Corndogs No one knows food on a stick like Minnesota, so it comes as no surprise that we would start with the ever-classic corndog. This model has been the inspiration for many a fair food, including this year's shrimp-filled deep-fried delicacy. Who knew Minnesota would revolutionize how we see meat on a stick? 1. Milky Way, Snickers, and Three Musketeers (Oh my!) If you ended up in Minnesota, chances are you won the golden ticket of geography. However, you also landed in a very candy-centric state. Home of Mars candy, Minnesota is our very own Willy Wonka Factory. So cheer up, Charlie, and raise a toast to your sweet tooth state.

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