Domo Gastro Asian gastropub now open in Northeast

The ramen invasion encroaches on Northeast

The ramen invasion encroaches on Northeast

The ramen invasion has been slow but steady and now there's more: Domo Gastro off Central Avenue, a noodle's toss from the Vegas Lounge. While they're not pigeonholing themselves — the menu moves happily from Korean-inspired kimchi fries to Hmong pork sausage egg rolls to Chinese fried rice bowls — they're wisely showcasing ramen, the darling local dish of the moment. 

Domo is calling itself a "gastropub," that throwback term Anthony Bourdain famously derided as "an idiotic term coined by those who somehow thought a properly poured pint couldn't, or shouldn't, coexist with fine quality food. I, to tell you the truth, used to be just such an idiot."

We're no such idiots, and we're glad to know that with these ramens and karaage chickens, we can also procure local pints, a tight list of wines and a full bar! 

Domo is taking on a Travailian workplace structure, where they say the chefs will be the servers and the bartenders and the hosts. They'll pool gratuities and are instituting a service charge in lieu of traditional gratuities, which they say is "fully refundable if you have a problem with your service."  These structures are unconventional ones that took even Travail a good long time — years even — to get right. But then, it used to be that a banh mi didn't coexist with a hamburger and tequila either, so yay for booting convention.  Domo Gastro  1032 3rd Ave. NE, Minneapolis