Dogwood Coffee’s Uptown location is not reopening

Dogwood Coffee

Dogwood Coffee

Another big change is coming to the mall formerly known as Calhoun Square.

Last week, Uptown's indoor mall lost its signage and its name. That was good news. Now, it’s time for some bad news: The mall is losing its delicious coffee shop.

Dogwood Coffee Company made the announcement today, via Facebook that it would not be renewing its lease. It has been in that space, located right by the southeast entrance and near Kitchen Window, since 2010.

In addition to serving up tasty joe and selling take-home beans in sparkly packages, the coffee peddlers also served up creative mocktails, unique sodas, and other treats, including sweets from Rustica.

You’ll now have to walk to Caribou, Peoples Organic, or Starbucks if you’re on foot and in desperate need of caffeine while running errands in the area.

If you’re jonesing for Dogwood, however, you still have options, as their Northeast, St. Paul, and East Lake locations are still operating.