Dogwood Coffee Co.'s macchiato: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 99

Love at first sip

Love at first sip

My angel, my all, my Dogwood macchiato,

You are the true one, my dearest.

Unlike the monstrous and saccharine Starbucks concoction that dares to call itself "macchiato," you are true to your name.

Yes, just a stain of steamed milk to enhance your creaminess and bring out the depth in your flavor.

And what flavor you possess!


Rich, deep, dark. But within there's a hint of something mysterious. Caraway? Caramel?

A sip of seltzer that accompanies you like a loyal servant opens up my palate, allowing me to realize the many sides of you I missed on my first taste.

True, you are high-maintenance. Your Simonelli Aurelia espresso machine. Your local grass-fed farmstead milk. Your competition-level baristas. You are fussy about the amount of foam and the temperature of your milk.

But all this makes you perfect.

And now that I've tasted you, I must have you again.

My head, my heart, my whole being buzzes with love, Dogwood macchiato.

Don't laugh at me--It's not just the caffeine.

DOGWOOD COFFEE CO. 3001 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis (Inside Calhoun Square) No phone yet; website

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