Dog food or SPAM? People can't tell the difference


The LA Times reports on a study where samplers were unable to differentiate between dog food and pate in a blind taste test.

Researchers provided 18 volunteers five food samples to try in a blind taste test. Only three were able to identify the canine fodder.

The five samples came from a wide price range and were processed to have a similar consistency. The foods were duck liver mousse, pork liver pâté, two imitation pâtés -- pureed liverwurst and Spam -- and Newman's Own dog food.

Really, people? I think we can do better! (Yes, this coming from the crazy lady on the airplane a few weeks back who whipped out a tupperware of pate, beets, and sauerkraut, and ate it for lunch, but trust me, it was light years better than the Delta plastic-wrapper infused turkey sandwich on the trip back.) I know most charcuterie doesn't look pretty, but I think the study shows how far these much maligned meats have fallen out of favor.

Even if you grew up despising the Braunschweiger your parents stashed in the fridge, I urge you to give it a second chance. In addition to The Craftsman's charcuterie plate, I've had tasty pates at Heartland and Barbette, among other spots, and recenlty picked up an awesome array of about six different kinds of head cheese, terrine, etc. from Clancey's butcher shop. Then I double-dog dare 'ya to do your own blind taste test...