Does Soylent Actually Taste Like Playdough? [Video]

We're into experimentation here at City Pages... whether you give us heaping plateful of lamb testicles, some sneakily obtained camel milk, or just straight-up bugs, we're game to try just about anything.

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When one of our own decided to take the Soylent challenge for a week, we cheered him on. But when he said that watery, beige drink tasted like playdough, we were intrigued. Could Soylent really evoke those childhood memories of rolling out infinite numbers of crumbling, doughy snakes... while giving us our complete nutritional supplements for the day?

We decided to put that theory to the test by mixing up our own homemade playdough smoothie and pairing it with a tall glass o' Soylent to see if the rest of our staffers could tell the difference between the two.

The playdough recipe called for a little cream of tartar, a bit of cooking oil, a cup of water, and half a cup each of white rice flour (gluten free!), corn starch... and salt. We added some food coloring to fool our staffers with a couple glasses of stuff that basically looked the same.

Suffice it to say -- while the Soylent and playdough smoothies appeared very similar, the concoctions were quite distinct in taste.

If you're curious about the differences between Soylent and playdough... or you've ever just wanted to watch City Pages staffers suffer -- you're in for a real treat.

Watch our reactions to trying Soylent and our playdough franken-mixture in the video above.

Video production by Tatiana Craine for City Pages. Music credit: Public domain version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" by the Tennessee Happy Boys (1925).

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