Doc's Manhattan at Bennett's warms the bourbon lover's soul

This Manhattan is in St. Paul.

This Manhattan is in St. Paul.

Doc's Manhattan


Bennett's Chop and Railhouse

1305 W. 7th St., St. Paul


Stepping into Bennett's on the night of a Wild home game is a great neighborhood experience. The place is full of welcoming regulars, happy to offer up a seat at the bar. Folks are eating steak, Cajun pasta, and other stick-to-the-ribs meals behind you and prepping for the free shuttle to the Xcel Center to catch the opening faceoff.

Hot Dish stopped into this St. Paul joint to try one of its more popular drinks--a Doc's Manhattan from the "His Drink" portion of the menu. Did it warm our bourbon-loving heart?

[jump] Doc's Manhattan is a simple but mighty beverage. It's a chilly, straight-up mixture of Maker's Mark bourbon and sweet vermouth with a maraschino cherry thrown in. Eschewing the traditional rye or Canadian whiskey and bitters, this version requires a taste for the Kentucky spirit, which prides itself on stimulating the sweet taste buds near the front of the mouth. A cool sip immediately warms you up, fills your tongue with flavor, and begs you to ask the barkeep for extra maraschino cherries and liquid. Though not for the faint of heart, this Manhattan in St. Paul makes the winter seem manageable. That and the good cheer of the Bennett's crowd reminds us that it is possible to stay warm amidst the ice and snow.