'Do you like your job?' Here's KDWB DJ Dave Ryan being a dick to a waitress [VIDEO]

This is the face Dave Ryan makes when he's not happy with service.

This is the face Dave Ryan makes when he's not happy with service.

The first thing you'll notice about the man speaking on this video is his voice. 

It's loud. Sonorous. Clear. Every word enunciated, certain syllables emphasized for effect. It's a great voice. 

The next thing you'll notice is the shitty things that voice is saying. 

We present to you a video surreptitiously taken of KDWB radio DJ Dave Ryan, host of an eponymous morning talk show in the Twin Cities market since 1992. Most of Ryan's long career as a public figure, a local celebrity could act like an ass with no expectation that said behavior would wind up going public. 

Not so now. We can't say why it was that our videographer knew to hit "record" right before Ryan decided to give this apparently absentee restaurant server a piece of his mind. Maybe Dave had told his buddies (loudly, beautifully, one assumes) what she had coming. 

In any event, it seems Ryan's party of three had been waiting for "10 minutes" (Ryan's estimate) without getting their drinks. There are ways to handle that sort of negligence. Maybe take a few percentage points off the tip. 

Ryan opts for direct confrontation, and questioning the woman's abilities and life choices.

"Do you get paid for this job?" Ryan begins.

This turns out to be the first in a series of rhetorical questions, which establish the following: 

  • The young woman is paid to work as a waitress.
  • The young woman is definitely paid to work as a waitress.
  • This is not the young woman's first job. 
  • The young woman likes her job. 
  • Dave Ryan's friend is thirsty. 
  • Dave Ryan treats servers like shit.

No point questioning whether this is, in fact, Dave Ryan from KDWB. The station itself already posted the video to its own website under the headline "Dave got caught yelling at a server in a restaurant." 

Ha ha! 

And the video was uploaded to Youtube by the Dave Ryan Show's own Youtube channel, thus creating the bizarre possibility that the whole thing was a set-up. Either Dave Ryan's a dick in public, or he just wants you to think he is. 

Either way, someone please get his friend a goddamn glass of water already. 

UPDATE: As you'll see below, the video below has been made private. This morning, KDWB confirmed the whole thing was a "joke" (ha!) and posted a new video with people dancing.