Do you Groupon?


After rejecting a $6 billion purchase offer from Google, GoogleGroupon plans to IPO with a $30 billion valuation. Word on the street--from its SEC filing, actually--is that Groupon owes $681 million in current liabilities and has just $376 million in assets.

But how can Groupon possibly lose money? The company employs a sales force to get clients, but once they find them, Groupon typically take a 50% cut on the deal. For example, with a coupon that costs the customer $25, the client gets $12.50 per buyer to cover $50 worth of service, while Groupon gets $12.50 per buyer to, uh ... send one freaking email?(!)

Have you ever used Groupon? If so, what was your experience like? Do you have tips for knowing which deals to jump on and which ones to bypass?