Disco Fries brings trendy finger food to the Mall of America


A storefront restaurant tucked well into the folds of the Mall of America, Disco Fries is separated from some top food attractions like Shake Shack and Crave. This new spot could go unfound, but its eclectic concept and glitzy aesthetic surely keep it from going unnoticed.

There were giggles from passersby who read the menu, slowly realizing that any expected entree – whether it was the “Breakfast All Day” or the “All-American”– was exactly as imagined except atop a bed of fries. 

Disco Fries founders Alex Pirani and Nikhil Khosla stumbled upon the idea, adding cheese, beef, herbs, and gravy poutine-style to french fries at a seasonal restaurant in New York. From there, they added special sauces, meats, and spices to the dish, turning the fatty fries into something of a trademark for the upscale eatery.

Now the duo has created a menu full of a dozen french fry-salads, all contained in a disco-themed fast-food counter. The only seating explicitly designated for DF customers is a booth built into the wall and wedged up against the countertop. At it, a sizeable disco ball hangs over a black sparkly round table surrounded by a plush gold couch. While rather flamboyant, the whole setup almost makes the instinct to eat the $8 vat of greasiness with hands as utensils classy.

The fries are a commitment, one that should not be made before a day of spinny rides at Nickelodeon Universe next door. Post-amusement park, though, the savory flavors can calm a topsy-turvy stomach. Plan to share the hefty portions since only three of the twelve options are currently offered in a half-order, and most of the sauces don’t promise to yield good leftovers.

These fries, while delicious, make more sense as a late-night craving than an afternoon nibble, leaving Disco Fries’ first location slightly dissatisfying. Hopefully, the owners’ promise to expand provides a storefront as easy to stumble into as Mesa’s or Insomnia Cookies’.


Until then, hungry shoppers can welcome a pit stop at Disco Fries for shameless snacking sans silverware. Fingers, meet food. Fries, meet face.